Service Provider That Operates in Multiple Locations?…Magaroo is for you!

Once you’ve set up your Magaroo merchant account, access your ‘seller tools’ and edit your location settings.

  • Click add location, and input all the locations your business operate from.
    • Once you’ve added the locations, you can edit your collection settings, so customers can pre-order their goods to reflect the times your business is operating at a given location.
    • If your business offers delivery, then you can also edit your delivery settings to reflect your business hours and ensure the slots suit your workflow and demand.

For example, if you are a mobile catering van selling pizza, customers can pre-order their pizzas ahead of time for a given date, location and time. Or they can live order, and you can accept their order as it arrives using the premium POS features. This allows registered account users ease of ordering and new customers to checkout as guests using Apple and Android Pay.

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